Learning About God

Psalm 119:25-27 (Common English Bible)–
25) My life is stuck in the dirt. Now make me live again according to your promise!
26) I confessed my ways and you answered me. Now teach me your statutes!
27) Help me understand what your precepts are about so I can contemplate your wondrous works!

Since I started learning about God and accepted Him in my heart, life has been more fulfilling. I found out that God is love, there cannot be any hate in Him. His love is unconditional and He does not change. He is holy and He will not allow sin near Him. It is hard for us to stay sinless in the world as we know it without the help of our savior, Jesus.

I learn something new everyday. He is transforming me into a person to be proud of. I couldn’t say that twenty years ago when I was still living my old life. God is always working on me to become more like Christ. I must decrease so that He may increase. He has shown me that all things are possible with Him.

Since meeting God, I have an urgent need to serve Him and introduce Jesus to others. Living day by day, by the Holy Spirit’s leading, doing His work. God has a plan for our life. We need to stop interrupting His plan by going our own way.

It is better to believe in God than to go on purposeless and lost. He wants us to seek Him so that we may learn His ways and live righteously and to imitate Christ’s characteristics. If we lived with the fruit of the Spirit working inside of us, we would enjoy life more abundantly. Life is exciting with God leading the way.

Life can be hard, especially when trudging through it alone. Jesus is waiting to be your companion through this journey of life. It is a blessing and a privilege to learn about Him. I invite you to learn about God, too. He is where our hope comes from.

Psalm 119:9-16 (Common English Bible)
9) How can young people keep their paths pure? By guarding them according to what you’ve said.
10) I have sought you with all my heart. Don’t let me stray from any of your commandments!
11) I keep your word close, in my heart, so that I won’t sin against you.
12) You, LORD, are to be blessed! Teach me your statutes.
13) I will declare out loud all the rules you have spoken.
14) I rejoice in the content of your laws as if I were rejoicing over great wealth.
15) I will think about your precepts and examine all your paths.
16) I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget what you have said.

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