“Be Still”

Daily Post Word Challenge:  The Sound-of-Silence.



“Be Still”

By:  Susan Smith-Allen


The word “silence” brought a beautiful experience back to my memory.  A piece of scripture saved my life.  One night while I was talking to God, I am always doing all the talking–rattling off prayer requests such as, “I ask in Jesus’ name for Mary to find a buyer for her home.”  I never seem to stop long enough to hear if God had anything to say to me.  I’m usually too tired after all the prayer requests I just fall asleep.  Well, this night I heard in the back of my head, “BE STILL.”  I kept praying thinking nothing of it, just my imagination.  Then I heard, “BE STILL” again, a little louder this time—loud enough to make me stop and listen.

 It was at least three minutes of silence before I finally heard, “Be still and Know that I am God.”  I knew that was verse Psalm 46:10 because it was one of my favorite pieces of scripture.  So I knew it was God talking to me and not just my mind saying it—I could just tell.  Obediently, I shut up and listened for at least ten minutes more.    Then I started praising Him in my head.  “Thank you for dying on the wooden cross for me,” and, “Glory to God in the highest” and all the praises I could think of.  That was the night I decided to make an appointment to see my doctor. 

The next morning I called the doctor’s office and set up an appointment.   Three days later I went to my doctor and found out I had high blood pressure, and my potassium blood count was over 7.9 when it is only supposed to be in the range of 3.5 to 5.3. After the doctor got the blood results, he called my house that evening and told me to go to the hospital so they could reduce my potassium.  The doctor explained to me that when it is that high there is a high risk of cardiac arrest and I needed it lowered that night.  There were more blood tests and a vigilant nursing staff was at my beckon call.  Found out that I needed a liver biopsy because of an abnormal blood result.  Yes, there was something wrong with my liver, too.  It was cirrhosis of the liver to be exact.  Now I am on all kinds of medicine and still very much alive.  I feel healthy and I have to have blood tests regularly.

I am so happy I was silent for those thirteen minutes, or else I would never have heard God tell me to see my doctor immediately.   Yes, that special verse saved my life.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am fine today.  I won’t worry about tomorrow because God tells me not to.  Yes, I am silent more often now when I go to my heavenly Father in prayer.


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